Evaluation before Partnering

Defined Calculus offers contingent and retained services for employers, alongside industry-leading market intelligence. Respectfully we are as selective about the companies we partner with, as those in the market are with us and we assess each opportunity on its merits. From the first point of contact we treat each interaction as one that may lead to a long-term relationship. We listen intently and ask meaningful questions to generate a solid understanding of the business and technical sides of a company, before evaluating whether we can help and ultimately deliver.

From experience we understand and appreciate that an innovative start-up has completely different financial resources to a Fortune 100 organization, or for that matter any company in between. We are always open to a conversation about which terms of engagement could be mutually beneficial.

Why work with Defined Calculus?

In a space where many claim to be experts, we cut through the noise by displaying genuine depth of market intelligence across specific technical fields and multiple industries. More importantly, we can speak about past results and the process followed to achieve them. 

Specialized Business Model

The Defined Calculus business model is exclusively focused on Data Science, Quantitative Research, Engineering & C-Level Data appointments. Our client-base stretches across a wide range of industries in the United States, as well as other global markets including London and Singapore. We have many years of experience sourcing talent at different levels, although we have developed significant expertise at Director | VP | Head | C-Level.

Whether you are a large financial institution in New York hiring a Chief Data Officer to address data privacy and security, a tech company in San Francisco hiring a Head of Data Science, a systematic trading firm in Chicago seeking a Software Engineer or a biotechnology company with an urgent need to hire Data Scientists to help tackle the COVID-19 virus…..these are the types of searches we can deliver on.

Working with HR & Talent Acquisition

We can speak about past success when it comes to working very effectively with HR & Talent Acquisition departments. We understand following their guidelines and best practice is a key part of the process. Ultimately we seek to develop meaningful relationships with these stakeholders, as well as business and technical personnel, in order to become a trusted talent acquisition partner over time.

Talent Sourcing Methods

Unlike most of the competition we do not advertise on behalf of employers; instead relying on the strength and depth of existing networks, a highly specialized database and crucially the trained ability to head-hunt through various platforms and events. We pride ourselves on following a meticulous approach when presenting opportunities to candidates in the market, making sure they understand the specifics up-front and assessing whether they are well qualified for the role. We aim to deliver superior options in a short time-frame.

Providing Market Intelligence

Based on experience we understand providing first-hand market intelligence to employers throughout the talent acquisition life-cycle ensures a thorough and more informative search. Many companies rely on our valuable insights in this respect.

As a strategic talent acquisition partner, we keep our clients up-to-speed with all kinds of market activity such as evolving technical skill-sets, candidate performance trends, comparable or contrasting interview processes, varying compensation expectation levels, market volatility based on economic or other influencing factors, and crucially direct feedback from the market itself relative to the role we are trying to fill.


Delivering Results

With a specialized business model, significant depth of market-intelligence developed over many years, consistently growing a world-class network in this space, highly skilled head-hunting methods and a relentless work ethic, we have already proven to be an extremely effective talent acquisition partner for many companies in this space.


Whether you’re a Chief Data Officer, Data Scientist, Quantitative Researcher or Engineer at various experience levels, we may be able to help you secure your next career role.

Initial Engagement

We treat every individual with respect, operate with discretion and seek to develop a relationship based on honesty and transparency as an essential foundation. We ask meaningful questions, listen carefully to your answers and deep-dive in to aspects of your experience to understand which roles are a good fit, and in order to present your profile more effectively to the potential employer. If we don’t have a suitable vacancy to discuss at any given time, we’ll say so. We will never share your resume with potential employers without your permission.

Why work with Defined Calculus?

Defined Calculus is selective about the companies we partner with and the opportunities presented to the market are always high calibre.

We go the extra mile to support the professionals we work with throughout the talent acquisition life-cycle and make sure they have best chance of success. From initial information on the opportunity, to interview guidance and preparation, collecting and relaying feedback, providing strategic career advice and ultimately offer-generation, we leave no stone unturned.

Even if we are not working with you on an active interview process; at your request we will dedicate time to address questions relative to market activity, how to strategically approach your job search, structuring your resume and including effective content, and performance coaching relative to the communication-side of interviewing.

Setting Expectations

With a direct but personable approach we always attempt to set fair expectations from the outset. Although we cannot guarantee success, as that is largely down to your preparation and performance, we’ll be there to support you throughout the process.

Process Management

After a detailed discussion about an opportunity and ideally at the same time conducting a thorough screening exercise, we provide further information in various forms, helping you prepare for pending interviews with the prospective employer.

We remain in regular contact throughout, assisting with interview scheduling, strategically guiding you through the process step by step and sharing our market intelligence along the way. We always request specific feedback for the professionals we work with and even if it is perceived to be disappointing, we present this in a constructive way so everyone involved can learn and move forward.

Regardless of the outcome, we hope to remain in contact and develop meaningful relationships over time.

Securing the Role

Upon offer-stage we work effectively with both sides in a transparent manner. We follow a structured process to make sure even the smallest details are not lost in translation and expectations are firmly aligned. This includes assisting with offer-generation numerically and the subsequent presentation, depending on the HR process being followed.

After offer-acceptance we can assist with the transitional phase to your new employer and will always be available to provide advice or act as sounding-board throughout your career in this space.