Xena Ugrinsky | Founder & CEO | New York.

Hiring experienced data science and engineering talent in today’s market can often be a gamble. Defined Calculus has been an important partner to me for half a decade and supplied much needed talent numerous times, in multiple organizations. They understand the differing roles required for a comprehensive data science program, meaning you’ll have access to the right candidates for your specific role and business requirements. They take the time to understand your functional needs, as well as the organizational and cultural aspects that ensure a good fit out-of-the-gate for both parties. Whether it’s for a Chief Data Scientist role, or one of the various positions required for a production data science program, I only have to make one phone call.

Keyur Desai | Chief Data Officer | San Francisco.

Defined Calculus has the connections into key Chief Data Officer opportunities in the United States. They brought a compelling CDO opportunity to me at a Fortune 100 company, and throughout the recruitment cycle I found their approach to be refreshingly transparent. They were honest and fair with me, even if it meant they were afflicted. I quickly felt like they were a true partner throughout the process, helping to guide me through discussions with clear context, understanding risks and benefits of the role as defined and helping to create a very positive recruitment experience. I highly recommend Defined Calculus to CDO candidates, as well as those organizations seeking to hire.

Armen Kherlopian | Chief Science Officer | New York.

Through the years I’ve come to rely on Allister’s insight on the marketplace both on the development of available talent as well as supporting important hiring needs. The offerings of Defined Calculus are superb and span key areas including recruitment, education, training, organizational design, and representation of elite candidates. I strongly recommend you consider engaging with Defined Calculus for strategic technical and data related roles.

Charles Givre | VP, Data & Analytics | Washington, D.C.

There are many search firms out there but Defined Calculus is in a league of its own in terms of professionalism and understanding of the industry. If you are looking to hire someone, the candidates you receive will all be top-rate. If you are working with them to find your next position, they will assist you to be very competitive. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and my first call when I am looking for exceptional analytic talent.

Randy Carnevale | Principal Data Scientist | New York.

As the leader of Defined Calculus, Allister is a conscientious recruiter who has taken the time to understand data science over many years. With the variety of different flavors of data science being practiced in industry today, it’s easy to end up with a drawn-out process trying to find the right candidate or role, a mismatch in the skills a company needs and that a new hire possesses, or both. Defined Calculus’ dedication to the field reduces those risks significantly; their unflagging diligence means you won’t be waiting around forever for the right fit.

Meltem Ballan | Professional Fellow - Data Science | Austin.

Defined Calculus has played an essential role in my career progression over the last few years by providing highly valuable market intelligence and helping me navigate through specific challenges. Their professional standards are matched by ingenuity relative to this space. The close rapport they have with many companies invested in data & analytics, make the firm an invaluable point of contact for anyone in this technical field.

Siva Kaligotla | Senior Quantitative Researcher | New York.

I had the pleasure of working with Defined Calculus recently and they were very transparent throughout my interactions. The firm demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the role they were trying to fill and made sure I understood everything from the culture at my new employer, to the team I would be working with. I found them very fair in setting expectations for both sides at all stages of the process. They were tremendously helpful in managing the logistics of the interactions with my new employer, which was no easy task given the different time zones and the fact we had to work through a vacation period. Overall communication was very prompt and fluid. I highly recommend Defined Calculus to anyone seeking their next career opportunity in this field.

Chris Russo | Senior Data Scientist | London.

Defined Calculus is everything a candidate and company could hope for in a talent acquisition firm in this space. They exhibit meticulous attention to detail and a rare ability to listen intently. Their craft goes beyond placing world-class data professionals. Over the last few years Allister and I have developed a working relationship with a foundation based on trust, respect and transparency. Under his leadership I know I can count on Defined Calculus at critical stages of my career. I highly recommend connecting with them if you or someone you know is seeking new opportunities in data science & engineering.

Qianyi Zhang | Senior Quantitative Data Analyst | New York.

Defined Calculus is the most professional and patient search firm I’ve ever dealt with. I was impressed they were able to deliver some exciting options quickly and kept me updated on a regular basis. They guided me throughout the entire interview process step by step. What makes you believe you can totally trust and count on them, is the fact they have a very clear understanding of the market and your needs, whilst wholeheartedly helping you with good intentions.

Talia Tseriotou | Data Scientist | Singapore.

Defined Calculus is the most specialized talent acquisition firm I have worked with so far. They took the time to listen carefully to my objectives and find the best match in terms of a new career role. They were detailed-oriented and very attentive throughout the entire process, providing important and honest advice. Additionally, they are very much on top of industry trends. I highly recommend working with them.