Having delivered commercial results for recruiting firms in Belfast, London and New York, Allister learned to navigate the complexities of various technical and geographical markets, before developing significant expertise from a talent acquisition perspective in the field of Data Science & Engineering. This led to the foundation of Defined Calculus.
As the Founder & Managing Director, based in the U.K. but with a predominant focus on the US market, he remains hands-on in the talent acquisition life-cycle, drives the strategic growth of the company over time and continues to develop long-term meaningful relationships with employers, candidates and industry contacts. 

Allister Duncan
Founder & Managing Director

“I’ve spent the last 10 years listening intently to industry personnel and gathering highly valuable market intelligence on this space, as well as reflecting and crucially learning from my own mistakes.

Back in late 2017, I wanted to create a talent acquisition firm with a clear vision for the future that was not just incredibly specialized in technical focus, but one that hopefully stood out as different for a number of reasons including a very detailed approach; whilst also addressing the negative stereotypes often associated with the recruitment-agency industry.

For me it’s not only about a determined focus on results, but just as important are the relationships you develop along the way, the professional service you provide and generally how you treat others. This philosophy is firmly embedded within the culture of Defined Calculus.”