Positioned as industry-agnostic and operating primarily in the United States, we offer contingent and retained services for employers, alongside industry-leading market intelligence.

The name Defined Calculus, loosely translated as interpreting the mathematical study of continuous change‚Äč, seemed pertinent in this era as we all try to comprehend the Data Science & Engineering evolution worldwide. The company was created to connect with the people who are driving change and all of those who collectively form part of this exciting space.

With significant industry-support, our ongoing mission is to provide an exceptional professional service for employers and candidates alike, with a determined focus on results. We understand the importance of listening intently, asking meaningful questions, attention-to-detail, radical transparency, respecting others and operating with integrity.

In a space where many claim to be experts, we cut through the noise by displaying genuine depth of market intelligence across specific technical fields and multiple industries. More importantly, we can speak about past results and the process followed to achieve them. This includes working with innovative start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. With a methodical strategy in place, we’re here to make a difference over time.

Company Values

* Setting Exceptional Professional Standards

* Determined Focus on Results

* Relationship Driven Approach

* Operating with Radical Transparency

* Demonstrating Respect & Humility

* Upholding Ethics & Integrity